How to Clean Black Sand Out of a Seized Motor

If you’ve spent any time near the West Coast of NZ, you’ll have probably seen the famous black sand beaches stretching the shoreline. Chances are if you’re reading this guide, you’ve had a go at flying your FPV drone at them too! Black sand can cause all sorts of chaos in electronics as the sand … Read more

How to Unlock Your Tinyhawk VTX to Get More Range

The second generation of TinyHawk models such as the TinyHawk II, TinyHawk II Race, and TinyHawk II Freestyle all come with an improved and upgraded VTX capable of 200mW – but are you actually taking advantage of it? From the factory, each model is shipped with a default setting of 25mW. This is due to … Read more

Understanding the Betaflight OSD and How to Customise It

The Betaflight OSD is a powerful feature of the Betaflight firmware running on your FPV Drone. It is now considered the primary means of information sharing between your quad and you. Traditionally, Telemetry systems were used to relay information back to the transmitter radio which alerted you of the drone’s status. OSD (On Screen Display) … Read more

How to connect any Transmitter to an FPV Simulator including TinyHawk RTF

Betaflight released a major feature for F4/F7 Processors called “HID Joystick Support”. This first appeared in version 3.4 and allows you to connect any transmitter controller to your favourite FPV simulator by passing through the flight controller. Yes that means you’ll be wireless too! HID stands for Human Input Device, which is a general term … Read more