Our Price Match Guarantee

You'll always get the best price at KiwiQuads.

We’ll match the prices of qualified, New Zealand based competitors so you get the best value everytime you shop.

What Qualifies?

The product must be an identical make, model and colour to qualify for a price-match. This includes newer versions and different radio protocols.

Qualifying products must be sold from a registered New Zealand business and shipped from a New Zealand address. The business must be GST registered.

The competitors product must be sold as new and unopened. Refurbished and open-box items do not qualify.

The product to be price-matched must be sold as a single item. Bulk discounts and combo offers are excluded from our price-match offer.

The product must be in stock and readily available to ship from the retailer.

We don’t price-match exclusive offers to select groups of customers, resellers, distributors or wholesale purchases.

How do I request a price-match?

Simply email our team [email protected] with the product details and link to our competitors product.

We’ll confirm your price-match qualifies and aim to reply within 2 business days with our offer.

Terms and Conditions

KiwiQuads reserves the right to deny price match offers based on the qualifiers above. KiwiQuads has no obligation to offer price matching on previous purchases or orders. Price match offers are not able to be used in conjunction with other offers, sales or coupon codes. KiwiQuads reserves the right to not sell below cost price.