Warranty, Refund & Repair Policy

KiwiQuads Limited is committed to ensuring we operate in line with the Consumer’s Guarantee Act 1993. Our products are built to the highest possible quality and are designed to last a reasonable amount of time in accordance with the CGA.
If you believe any of your products are faulty from a manufacturers defect, we can offer a free repair. If a repair is not possible, we will replace the product. KiwiQuads reserves the right to choose a repair, replacement, or refund.
KiwiQuads Limited is not liable for defects arising from tampering and modifying software or hardware.

To process any repairs, warrany replacements, or refunds, we require evidence in the form of a video or photograph which clearly shows the product and the issue you are experiencing. If you cannot provide this information, you can return the product to be evaluated by our technicians. If our technicians are unable to find any fault, issue, or unintended behaviour within the specifications of the product, we will need to charge for labour costs at our standard hourly rate.

We highly recommend you test any electronics before soldering them or modifying them for use. Once soldered on or flown in an aircraft or other model, we cannot offer any sort of warranty. It is recommended you test electronics with a smoke stopper fuse device, or crocodile clips prior to installation to confirm correct operation.

Due to the nature of model aircraft, we regrettably cannot offer warranty repairs on crashed or obviously damaged products or damage resulting from misuse.
KiwiQuads Limited is not liable for any costs incurred from courier or postal services to ship products to or from our warehouse.
All warranty repairs/replacements will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

Please contact us directly at the first instance if you have any issues with any of our products. We are here to help!