How to Choose your first FPV drone

With so many different types of FPV drones and options on the market, you might be confused when choosing your first FPV drone. Luckily for you, we’ve broken them down into categories for you! Hopefully we can help you decide the right model for you. As always, please contact us if you need help choosing! … Read more

How to Choose a LiPo Battery Charger

A decent battery charger is an integral part to your FPV parts collection. With so many choices and specifications, it’s important to get the right one for your needs – today we’ll help you choose the right one. Most battery chargers require a seperate power supply, however many newer models today come with integrated power … Read more

Choosing Your First Micro Drone: What’s the Best in 2019?

It’s no secret Micro Drones have exploded in popularity this year. With the increasing demand for brushless models, there are lots to choose from. We’ll explain the pros and cons of the hottest models out right now and help you choose what’s best for your flying style. What’s new? The most popular brushless models have … Read more