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KiwiQuads Learn is the home of FPV tutorials, buyers guides, and anything with 4 propellers. Learn essential skills with our tutorials and building guides. We add articles regularly and cover a wide range of subjects from the basics to the technical aspects of an FPV drone.

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Latest Articles

DJI Camera Drones now at KiwiQuads

Building on DJI’s recent DJI Air 3 release, we are thrilled to officially announce we are adding the complete DJI Camera Drone range to our offering, expanding our ambition from New Zealand’s home of FPV Quads, to New Zealand’s home of all things FPV and Drones! As many of you know we are a licenced DJI reseller in New Zealand,

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How to Clean Black Sand Out of a Seized Motor

If you’ve spent any time near the West Coast of NZ, you’ll have probably seen the famous black sand beaches stretching the shoreline. Chances are if you’re reading this guide, you’ve had a go at flying your FPV drone at them too! Black sand can cause all sorts of chaos in electronics as the sand is both ferrous and conductive.

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FAQs for FPV Drone Beginners

FPV Drones are operated quite different to many other types of drones, including photography models, toy drones, and fishing drones for example. We’ve compiled our most asked questions into a quick and easy list for you to read. Got a question we haven’t answered? We’d like to add it to the list! Please contact us. Contents What is the difference

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How to Diagnose and Fix Bad Channel Mapping in Betaflight

If you’ve recently purchased a Bind and Fly model to replace another FPV drone or are learning to configure Betaflight for the first time, you may find that the channels are incorrectly mapped for your controller. Also read: How to Set up Your New BNF FPV Drone The typical symptoms for this are seeing the message “THROTTLE” appear on the

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How to Configure your Replacement TinyHawk 2 (including Freestyle)

If you’ve had to replace a lost or broken TinyHawk 2, this guide should help get you back up and flying again! Please read all instructions carefully. If you notice any errors or incorrect info in the tutorial, please let us know! This tutorial assumes you are working with a brand new TinyHawk 2 (or Freestyle 2) BNF model and are

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