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KiwiQuads Learn is the home of FPV tutorials, buyers guides, and anything with 4 propellers. Learn essential skills with our tutorials and building guides. We add articles regularly and cover a wide range of subjects from the basics to the technical aspects of an FPV drone.

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Latest Articles

How to Reset Your Tinyhawk to Factory Settings

We all like to tinker with our drones and adjust settings to fly better and try new things. However sometimes things go wrong and we need to set them back to the factory settings. Because Betaflight supports so many different types of models, it’s impossible to have a default factory reset for every single drone. For this reason, we have

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How to Change Your VTX Settings in Betaflight OSD

The Betaflight OSD menu is a powerful feature which has many settings and can greatly increase your flying experience. The menu is built in to every OSD compatible flight controller running Betaflight. One of the main sub-menus you will often use in the menu is the VTX settings. A smart-audio compatible VTX will allow you to change video channels and

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F3 vs F4 vs F7 Flight Controllers – What’s the difference?

While shopping for a new Flight Controller, it’s common to see the Processor listed in the title of the FC. You’ll most often see F4 and F7, which equates to the processing power and capability of the flight controller. F3, F4, and F7 are types of STM32 Processors, which are 32-bit based Microcontrollers. Without going into the technical details of

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How to Waterproof Your Drone With Conformal Coating

Your FPV drone is full of sensitive electronics and components. It’s important to ensure they do not get wet or exposed to moisture, to ensure reliability and peace of mind. Given the lightweight nature of drone frames, it’s easy to accidently get your FC exposed to a tiny drop of rain or some dew when landing. By coating the main

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What is FPV? Learn about First Person View

FPV or First Person View is a method used to remotely operate models from the perspective of the model. Typically the pilot or operator will wear FPV goggles or use a screen to view the live feed while controlling the model. So what is an FPV Drone? FPV Drones are completely different to a typical aerial photography platform such as

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Understanding the Betaflight OSD and How to Customise It

The Betaflight OSD is a powerful feature of the Betaflight firmware running on your FPV Drone. It is now considered the primary means of information sharing between your quad and you. Traditionally, Telemetry systems were used to relay information back to the transmitter radio which alerted you of the drone’s status. OSD (On Screen Display) is the information displayed on

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