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What is FPV? Learn about First Person View

FPV or First Person View is a method used to remotely operate models from the perspective of the model. Typically the pilot or operator will wear FPV goggles or use a screen to view the live feed while controlling the model. So what is an FPV Drone? FPV Drones are completely different to a typical aerial photography platform such as

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Understanding the Betaflight OSD and How to Customise It

The Betaflight OSD is a powerful feature of the Betaflight firmware running on your FPV Drone. It is now considered the primary means of information sharing between your quad and you. Traditionally, Telemetry systems were used to relay information back to the transmitter radio which alerted you of the drone’s status. OSD (On Screen Display) is the information displayed on

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How to connect any Transmitter to an FPV Simulator including TinyHawk RTF

Betaflight released a major feature for F4/F7 Processors called “HID Joystick Support”. This first appeared in version 3.4 and allows you to connect any transmitter controller to your favourite FPV simulator by passing through the flight controller. Yes that means you’ll be wireless too! HID stands for Human Input Device, which is a general term for any device which can

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Everything you need to know about the DJI HD FPV System

DJI has completely transformed the way we fly FPV drones by introducing a whole new protocol which has never been previously used in FPV – Low-latency Digital transmission. By taking advantage of 4 FPV antennas and an increased bandwidth, we’re able to view our FPV feeds in goggles like we’ve never been able to before. KiwiQuads is proud to stock

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What Are Drone Radio Protocols and Which One Should I Use?

You may hear the terms ‘FrSky’ and ‘Crossfire’ thrown around a lot in the FPV drone space when just starting out. The wide-range of radio communication protocols may sound confusing at first and you may be unsure which protocol to start using. We’ve written this article to clear things up and provide some well-researched suggestions to help you on your

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LiPo Battery C-Ratings – What do they actually mean?

Often overlooked, LiPo Batteries are arguably the most important factor in racing drone performance. Choosing the right or wrong battery to power your FPV drone could mean the difference in winning a race or placing 3rd in a competitive heat. By choosing the right battery for your drone, you’ll be thankful for longer flight times, more power, and longer lasting

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