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KiwiQuads Learn is the home of FPV tutorials, buyers guides, and anything with 4 propellers. Learn essential skills with our tutorials and building guides. We add articles regularly and cover a wide range of subjects from the basics to the technical aspects of an FPV drone.

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Latest Articles

How to Diagnose and Fix Bad Channel Mapping in Betaflight

If you’ve recently purchased a Bind and Fly model to replace another FPV drone or are learning to configure Betaflight for the first time, you may find that the channels are incorrectly mapped for your controller. Also read: How to Set up Your New BNF FPV Drone The typical symptoms for this are seeing the message “THROTTLE” appear on the

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How to Configure your Replacement TinyHawk 2 (including Freestyle)

If you’ve had to replace a lost or broken TinyHawk 2, this guide should help get you back up and flying again! Please read all instructions carefully. If you notice any errors or incorrect info in the tutorial, please let us know! This tutorial assumes you are working with a brand new TinyHawk 2 (or Freestyle 2) BNF model and are

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TBS Crossfire vs TBS Tracer – What’s The Difference?

Team Blacksheep recently announced the newest lineup of RC link products known as Tracer. The new Tracer system is designed not to replace Crossfire, but to co-exist for pilots wanting to lower their latency. The new Tracer system is made up of some very familiar looking components including the new Micro TX module, coupled by a Nano diversity receiver and

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How to Choose your first FPV drone

With so many different types of FPV drones and options on the market, you might be confused when choosing your first FPV drone. Luckily for you, we’ve broken them down into categories for you! Hopefully we can help you decide the right model for you. As always, please contact us if you need help choosing! Freestyle / Acro Drones We’ll

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How to Set up Your New BNF FPV Drone

If you’ve just purchased a new BNF (Bind and Fly) drone, you’ll likely want to set it up exactly to your settings and preferences. This guide will cover everything from the basics of binding and beyond. 1. Binding and Configuring the Receiver The first thing you’ll need to do is bind and configure the built-in receiver in your model. We’ll

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8 Tips For Extending your FPV Drone Range

Once you’ve mastered basic flight, the challenge to fly your FPV drone further and further can be extremely rewarding, but also nerve-racking and a bit risky. We’ve put together 8 tips to help you fly long-range more confidently and save you from the awful feeling of losing your model to a failsafe. Maintaining line of sight This first one might

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