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Mateksys RC Helicopter Flybarless Controller G474-HELI

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Matek have released a high quality Helicopter Flybarless Controller at a great price! Experience RotorFlight today!


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What is RotorFlight?

RotorFlight is a cutting-edge open-source flight control software project, designed specifically for helicopters. This project focuses on providing advanced flight control solutions, with an emphasis on performance, reliability, and adaptability. RotorFlight’s software is developed with the community in mind, encouraging contributions and modifications to suit a wide array of helicopter configurations and applications, from hobbyist projects to more sophisticated commercial drones.  Based on Betaflight, it has a similar look and feel, easy to use, and has V2 coming soon.

Features of RotorFlight

  • Optimized flight control algorithms for superior stability and responsiveness.
  • Supports a wide range of hardware platforms for enhanced compatibility.
  • Advanced tuning capabilities for customized flight characteristics.
  • Robust safety features including rescue fail-safe options and real-time diagnostics.
  • Open-source framework encouraging community innovation and collaboration.
  • V2 coming soon!


  • MCU: STM32G474CE, 170MHz Cortex-M4 , 512KB Flash
  • IMU: ICM42688-P
  • Baro: SPL06
  • Blackbox: 128MB Flash (1G-bit NAND)
  • 3x UARTs (1, 2, 3)
  • 1x I2C
  • 8x PWM (4x Servos, 2x Motors, RPM, LED)
  • 2x ADC (VBAT, Current)
  • USB Type-C(USB2.0)

Electrical characteristics

  • Input voltage range: 5.4V~30V (2~6S LiPo)
  • No current sensor integrated, support external 3.3V based current sensor.
  • Battery Voltage divider 1K:10K (Scale 110)
  • BEC 5V 2A for FC and peripherals
  • BEC Vx 5A cont. 8A Peak for servos (5V, 7.2V option)
  • 3.3V 300mA



  • If GPS, Receiver or other peripherals are connected to UART2(Tx2,Rx2)  and these peripherals are powered ON while connecting USB.   STM32G474 will not go into DFU mode. It is related to DFU protocol used in the STM32G474 bootloader.  Pls unplug peripherals from UART2 before you try flashing the FC.
  • There is no UART4 breakout on this board.
  • If using Frsky SBUS+SmartPort receivers. you may remap one of PWM pins to softserial_tx for SmartPort, e.g.  LED pin,  resource serial_tx 11 A15 ,  feature softserial .
  • Due to leakage voltage on MCU I/O, there is floating current readout when no external current sensor connected.  If you don’t use external current sensor.   set current_meter = NONE .
  • If the FC is mounted with arrow facing backward.   set gyro_1_sensor_align = CW0FLIP 
  • Blheli bi-direction Dshot ESC,  enabled RPM filter:  feature rpm_filter


  • Mounting: 20 x 20mm, Φ4mm with Grommets Φ3mm
  • Dimensions: 38 x 26 x 13 mm
  • Weight: 15g (w/o pins)
  • 3D step file for designing your own.
  • STL for shell shown below: G474-HELI_shell


    • 1x G474-HELI
    • 1x PicoBlade 1.25mm Servo adapter (M2/S2 servos)
    • 1x 20cm JST-GH-4P to JST-GH-4P cable
    • 1x 20cm JST-GH-6P to JST-GH-6P cable
    • Dupont 2.54 pins  (Board is shipped unsoldered)




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