Switching to barcodes – our improved inventory system

Switching to barcodes – our improved inventory system

You may have noticed in your most recent order that your products have a shiny new KiwiQuads barcode on it. We have just introduced a new inventory system that has some cool benefits which means you’ll be able to get your order faster (and is less prone to human error) than before.

As of this week, every one of our products has a unique barcode which gets scanned before your order leaves our warehouse. Previously when we were shipping dozens of orders a day, occasionally a wrong item would go out such as a blue propeller set rather than the yellow set you ordered. We listened to your feedback and began working on codifying our products for two main reasons: 1. Get your order to you quicker! and 2. Reduce the human error.
After initial tests, we’re proud to say we have accomplished both our goals.

We’re thinking the next step to this is hiring our first robot employee to pick the orders for us. Got an idea for how we can improve things? Let us know in the comments.

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