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SpeedyBee BT Nano 3 Wireless FC Configuration

Revolutionize your drone control with SpeedyBee BT Nano 3: Compact, wireless FC configuration for precise, effortless flying like never before!


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The SpeedyBee BT Nano 3 Wireless FC Configuration revolutionizes drone setup with its compact size and intelligent Bluetooth technology, ensuring seamless communication with your flight controller while prioritizing interference-free flights, all in a sleek 14110.8mm design.


  • Product Name: SpeedyBee BT Nano 3
  • Operating Voltage: 5V
  • Working Current: MAX~87mA(5V)
  • Bluetooth Low Energy: Supports
  • WiFi: Supports. It will be turned on automatically only when upgrading the firmware of the module itself.
  • Communication Port: UART
  • Baudrate: 115200
  • Bluetooth Automatically Turns Off: Enabled by default, the module will automatically detect the armed/ disarmed status of the FC. During the flight of the drone, the Bluetooth function will be disabled to prevent other wireless devices from being interfered by the Bluetooth signal.
  • BT Switch Pad: The Bluetooth function will be disabled when it receives a Low signal.In the BT Switch section of the manual, you can learn about the detailed instructions
  • Power Indicator: Solid Red: Indicates that the module is powered.
  • Working Status Indicator: Flashing white: Indicates that the UART communication with FC is abnormal, please check whether the wiring and settings are correct.
    Solid White: Indicates that the communication with FC is normal, you can use the App for wireless parameter adjustment
    Flashing green: Indicates that the wireless signal is being connected
    Solid Green: Indicates that the connection with the App has been successful
  • Size: 14*11*0.8mm
  • Weight: 5g

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