Drone Racing

First Person View (FPV) Flying allows for real-time, no-lag, instant video broadcasting. A camera mounted to the drone transmits video to your head-mounted display in less than 20 milliseconds! FPV is a completely immersive flying experience unlike no other.

FPV allows for more precise control over your drone so you can react quicker to obstacles and fly faster and higher.

FPV Drone Racing is an exciting upcoming sport. Participants manually control drones equipped with a camera and a video link to a head mounted display. Up to 8 pilots can compete simultaneously in a race. Race courses are built using a variety of obstacles and archways to create ‘gates’ and checkpoints.

Yes! Our quads are built especially for racing. To configure your KiwiQuad for multi-quad racing, please read the manual section on changing the video frequency setting.


Our drones operate on the 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz bands for control and video transmission respectively. These are designated frequency ranges used for RC hobby and other applications.

There are some variables to consider when measuring the speed our quads can reach – such as battery charge, propellers used and what mode the quad is running in. In the right conditions, we’ve seen our quads reach up to 45-50km/hr!


KiwiQuad drones are designed for proximity racing within 100 metres (line of sight) of the pilot. As a safety precaution, your KiwiQuad will go into a failsafe shutdown if controller signal is lost. Your KiwiQuad drone will operate normally once controller signal is regained.

Yes. Some people would say the most fun could only be had by flying outdoors! Although we encourage beginner pilots to start indoors, our quads perform great outside too. Due to the lightweight nature of our drones, we only recommend flying when there is little to no wind.

Please note: It is important to observe the rules & laws enforced by your local council and the Civil Aviation Authority. Please click here for more information.


Like all good things, there is a learning curve to flying a drone. However we’ve made learning to fly as easy as possible for new pilots!

Our drones come with 3 difficult settings for beginners through to advanced. Self-levelling mode is the default behaviour of a drone to assist with control, but can be changed to ‘acro’ mode or full-control mode by pressing a button on the controller.

KiwiQuads have been designed to be the safest way to fly drones indoors. We use a ducted propeller design to minimise any damage in a collision. It is the responsibility of the pilot to ensure correct use and follow any precautions while flying as per the manual.

It is important to read and understand the safety precautions while using Lithium Polymer (LiPo) batteries. Never leave a battery charging unsupervised. Never overcharge a battery beyond the recommended charge.


KiwiQuad FPV cameras are designed to have the lowest possible latency between camera and FPV goggles to allows for quick pilot reactions. Our quads boast a receive time of less than 20 milliseconds.

Due to technical limitations, we advise not to use our quads for photography. We estimate the quality to be of Standard Definition – but don’t take our word for it, see some recorded footage below for yourself!

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