Flying Safely and Legally – The 5 Golden Rules

In accordance with Civil Aviation Rules, drone pilots should always maintain positive control of any aircraft in their operation or possession. You can view the CAA information on Drones, UAVs, and Model Aircraft here:

KiwiQuads has a responsibility to ensure our customers are aware of their obligation to fly safely and legally.

We can break down the rules into 5 easy to follow guidelines:

1. Fly your drone so it isn’t a hazard to people or property. When flying outside, this extends to interfering with other aircraft.

2. When flying your drone outside, only fly in daylight. Your drone must always be visible to the naked eye. (eg. not through binoculars or FPV goggles)

3. Never fly higher than 120 metres.

4. If you are flying over private property, always ensure you have consent.

5. Do not fly within 4km of any restricted flying spaces, including military or private aerodromes. If in doubt, always seek permission before flying.

This handy CAA flyer ‘Flying With Control’ also explains the rules in more depth


For more information on flying safely and legally. Please consult the CAA website at