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Flywoo Naked 03 Upgrade Case Kit

FLYWOO designed the O3 Upgrade Case Kit, reducing weight by upto 50%

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  • DJI O3 transmission system is the leading FPV digital transmission system, known for its 1080P real-time transmission, 4K video recording, and low latency. However, its weight limits its use on micro-drones.
  • To solve this, FLYWOO designed the O3 LITE/O3 Ultra CNC modification kits, reducing weight by 37% and 50% respectively. This enables micro-drones to unlock their video creation potential and improves visual and control experience.
  • Pilots can enjoy high-definition real-time transmission and smooth control in tight spaces. The modification ensures stability and reliability, providing greater maneuverability and extended flight time.
  • FLYWOO aims to meet the demands of drone enthusiasts, delivering excellent visual and control experience. Elevate micro-drones with O3 LITE/O3 Ultra CNC modification kits to enjoy the allure of high-definition transmission in any environment



Product Model: FLYWOO O3 LITE/O3 Ultra
Product Dimensions: 21.2*20*17.9mm(CAM)/29.8*28.8*13.3mm (VTX)
Product Weight: 23.2g (O3 LITE) / 18.3g (O3 Ultra)
Input Voltage: 7V-26V
Transmission Resolution: 1080/4K 120FPS

Equipped with high-definition real-time transmission and video recording functions, with the advantage of low latency transmission.
Lightweight, solves the weight problem of micro drones, reducing up to 37%~50% of weight.
Lightweight 7075 aluminum alloy fixed frame, sturdy and reliable.
Improves the control experience of micro drones and increases flight time. Can also create 4K high-definition videos in indoor or small spaces.

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