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Flywoo GOKU GM10 Nano V3 GPS w/compass

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The GOKU GM10 Nano V3 GPS with compass is designed for convenience, featuring a plug-and-play setup without the need for soldering.


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The GOKU GM10 V3 GPS series! With the latest M10050 GNSS chip, it offers ultra-accurate positioning and faster star search speeds than the previous GM8 V2.
Experience cutting-edge technology for precise navigation. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or a professional, GOKU ensures reliability, accuracy, and effortless usability. Upgrade to the GOKU GM10 V3 GPS series and elevate your navigation experience.

  • Note: The chip of GOKU GM10 V3 GPS is M1005. Only BF4.3x version firmware can use Ublox protocol. BF4.2x and earlier firmware can only use NMEA protocol But there is no difference in performance between the two protocols
  • BETAFLIGHT: Use firmware above 4.3.0 INAV: Use the latest 6.0.0 configurator, the latest firmware above 5.0.0


Model: GM10 Nano V3 GPS w/compass
Dimension :12mm*17mm*5mm
Weight : 2.6g
Connector : 4pins Pad


1、GPS Module. Three Modules.
2、4pins Pad, ultra light weight
3、With a compass and a plug.
4、Plug and play, no need for soldering.


  • Electrical Characteristics
  • Chipset : M10050(Tenth Generation Chip)
  • Receiving Format : GPS,GLONASS,Galileo,BeiDou,QZSS and SBAS
  • Default Protocol : GPS,Galileo,BeiDou
  • Frequency : GPS L1,GLONASS L1,BeiDou B1,SBAS L1,Galileo E1
  • Channels : 72 Searching Channel
  • Sensitivity
    • Tracking : -162dBm
    • Reacquisition : -160dBm
  • Data and Update Rate
    • Support Rate : 4800bps to 921600bps,Default 115200bps
    • Data Level : TTL or RS-232,Default TTL level
    • Data Protocol : BF4.3.X(UBLOX)/BF4.2.X(NMEA)
    • Output frequency : 1Hz-10Hz,Default 10Hz
  • Operational Limits
    • Altitude : 50,000m Max
    • Velocity : 500m/s Max
    • Acceleration : Less than 4g
  • Power consumption
    • VCC : DC Voltage :5V
    • Operating temp : -40 °C ~ +85°C
    • Storage Temp : -40°C ~ +105°C
  • Indicator :
    • PPS LED: Yellow. The PPS LED remains unlit when the GPS signal has not been fixed, but starts flashing once the GPS signal has been successfully fixed.

Package Includes

  • 1x GM10 Nano V3 GPS w/ Compass
  • 1x 150mm Cable
  • 1x Copper Foil

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2 reviews for Flywoo GOKU GM10 Nano V3 GPS w/compass

  1. 5 out of 5

    Lawrence Adam (verified owner)

    Took a bit to get my head around the wiring diagram. Had to use Google and a few Youtube videos but in the end works a treat. Very hard to wire up on F411 board due to lack of free pads.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Mike (verified owner)

    Awesome service

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