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EMAX TinyHawk III Plus Freestyle HDZero FPV Drone RTF Kit

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Embark on the future of outdoor FPV quadcopters with the all-new Tinyhawk 3 Plus Freestyle in HDZero, tailor-made for those ready to embrace the excitement of outdoor drone flights.



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What is the EMAX Tinyhawk 3 Plus Freestyle HDZero RTF Drone Kit?

In the realm of starter outdoor drones, the Tinyhawk III Plus Freestyle HDZero stands as a beacon of performance and FPV immersion, unrivaled in its class, this kit is the full starter package for anyone wanting to begin flying FPV racing drones! The full package contains everything you need to start flying an FPV drone including the transmitter and FPV goggles. The EMAX TinyHawk 3 Freestyle HDzero is a Micro Quadcopter equipped with a modern STM32F411 processor, FPV Runcam Nano Lite Camera and brushless motors. The RTF kit includes all the chargers you need for your goggles and drone.

What has changed in the III PLUS HDZero version?

  • INCREDIBLE DURABILITY – Crafted from an upgraded aerospace-grade 3k woven carbon fiber blend, durability reaches new heights. This advanced blend ensures the Tinyhawk III Plus Freestyle can confidently endure high-impact situations while maintaining its lightweight agility. The frame proudly displays an eye-catching designer pattern, setting it apart with its unique charm.
  • HD FPV – The Tinyhawk III Plus Freestyle HD version features the groundbreaking HD Zero video transmission system, setting a new standard for clarity and precision. This system ensures that every detail of your flight is captured in stunning high-definition quality. Say goodbye to low quality feeds and immerse yourself in the crystal-clear visuals that HD Zero delivers.
  • ELRS CONTROL – Taking control to the next level, the E8 transmitter, featuring high-quality gimbals, guarantees unmatched precision and smoothness, raising the bar for drone control. The E8 Transmitter is the perfect companion for the Tinyhawk III Plus Freestyle, offering an exceptional flying experience with its cutting-edge ELRS (ExpressLRS) transmitter protocol. ELRS is renowned for its low latency and rock-solid signal reliability, ensuring that your commands are executed with lightning-fast responsiveness.
  • MORE POWER Engineered for precision and extended airtime, the Tinyhawk III Plus Freestyle features high-performance 12025 7000KV motors, meticulously calibrated to optimize RPM and ensure maximum efficiency. Coupled with the AVAN Rush 2.5-inch propellers, it delivers exceptional grip and thrust, offering a versatile and exhilarating flying experience.

Tinyhawk 3 Plus Freestyle HDZero

  • Wheelbase: 110mm
  • Dimensions: LxWxH=100x104x22 mm
  • Weight: 65.5g
  • Motor: 12025 7000KV
  • Propellers: AVAN Rush 2.5
  • Flight Controller: STM32F411, 6A BLHeli_S, 1-2S Integrated ELRS (2.4G)
  • Camera: RunCam HDZero Nano Lite
  • VTX: HDZero Whoop Lite 0/25mW/200mW
  • Battery: 1S HV 650mAh

Tinyhawk 3 Plus Freestyle HDZero RTF Includes:

  • 1x Tinyhawk 3 Plus Freestyle HDZero BNF
  • 1x EMAX E8 Transmitter (ELRS-2.4G)
  • 1x EMAX Transporter 2 HDZero Goggles
  • 2x EMAX 1S HV 650mAh Battery
  • 1x Hardware Kit
  • 1x Avan Rush 2.5” Propeller Set (2X CW, 2X CCW)
  • 1x USB Battery Charger
  • 1x Monitor to Transmitter Mounting Kit
  • 1x HDZero Firmware Update Cable Kit

Parts and Upgrades:

Batteries (Uses a Pair):

Instruction Manuals:

  • EMAX TinyHawk III Plus Freestyle HDZero RTF Instructions TBA
  • EMAX Transporter 2 FPV Goggles TBA
  • EMAX E8 Radio Transmitter TBA

Please note: Reviews prior to 1st October 2023 are for the V2 version.



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1 review for EMAX TinyHawk III Plus Freestyle HDZero FPV Drone RTF Kit

  1. 5 out of 5

    David C. (verified owner)

    Having flown RC planes for 20+ years learning to fly FPV is a totally new concept which believe me requires a total reset in thinking. This is a fantastic little kit which will enable you to do this. If you are new to FPV, just be patient and take your time learning the basics, there are lots of tutorials out there to help you.

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