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Camera Butter CPL Filter for GoPro Hero 9,10,11,12

Get better footage with a high quality, adjustable circular polarizing (CPL) filter from Camera Butter!


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Get better footage with a high quality, adjustable circular polarizing (CPL) filter from Camera Butter!

Comapatible with:

  • GoPro Hero 9
  • GoPro Hero 10
  • GoPro Hero 11
  • GoPro Hero 11 mini
  • GoPro Hero 12

Simply twist off the existing lens cover, and twist on the CPL filter.  The adjustable ring allows you to turn the polarizer to be able to adjust to affect the correct angle of light.  The filter is the same size as the original lens, so it does not affect the camera’s ability to fit in mounts.


  • Remove glare
  • Remove reflections in glass (such as building windows, car windows, eyeglasses)
  • Remove reflections, glare and streaks from water
  • Help you see through glass and water more clearly
  • Increase contrast and reduce haze
  • Darken and boost blues in the sky for a more dramatic effect
  • Make foliage more vibrant

When not to use a CPL filter:

  • When using a wide angle/field of view, especially with skies
  • When you want to show the “wet look” of water on things
  • Night shots
  • When the image is changing angles a lot (ie drone)

The glass is nanocoated to reduce glare, repel water, oil and to make fingerprints easy to wipe off.

Note that because of the dual-layer polarizer glass construction of this filter, it is not waterproof.  Do not use your GoPro underwater with this filter, or you might damage your camera.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Remove the existing lens/cover by twisting 90 degrees parallel with the GoPro.  Pulling away from the camera slightly may help.
  2. Place the Camera Butter CPL filter on your GoPro with the metal bars on the filter oriented horizontally
  3. While pushing down towards the GoPro, twist the filter 90 degrees until it is square on the GoPro.  DO NOT push on the ring, only push on the frame of the filter.
  4. Make sure that the filter is seated correctly and is flush with the camera.   If it is crooked or can be removed easily, remove and re-install.



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