Silverware Flight Controller Stack

Silverware is an open source quadcopter firmware supporting various flight modes and allows for a ‘pure’ flying experience with no clutter. The quad comes pre-tuned with our own fork of the Silverware software is and possibly the easiest way to get flying without having to learn Betaflight.

We’re so proud of this quad we use it in our very own KiwiQuad Drone Racing Starter Kits.


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Haven’t heard of Silverware? Check out the wiki Here


– Ultra-Durable Design
– 3 Speed/Rate Settings
– 2 Flying Modes (Acro/Level)
– Stunt Flip Function
– Noise Reduction Kalman filter
– Race Ready PID Tuned
– Switchable Stealth Mode


– Protocol: Bayang
– Weight: 5.7g
– Plug: JST-PH 2.0 (Powerwhoop)
– Input: 1S LiPo/LiHV battery (4.35V max)
– 25mW 5.8GHz VTX and Camera
– 48 video channels with easy push button selection
– Easy plug and play motors. No soldering required!
– 120 degree Field of View FPV Camera


Changing out your KiwiQuad Flight Controller is very simple.
1. Remove 2x screws securing canopy.
2. Remove canopy and 2x remaining screws on flight controller stack.
3. Unplug motors from flight controller board.
4. Remove flight controller stack from frame, take care with rubber dampers.
5. Insert new flight controller stack, secure against rubber dampers.
6. Secure 2x screws at front and rear of flight controller.
7. Replace canopy and secure 2x screws on each side.
8. Plug in motors, take care plugging in each motor to the correct socket.
9. Insert battery and bind with Transmitter.

As always, if you require any additional support please contact us.

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