Multiprotocol MTX9D Module

Connect all your favourite quads including the KiwiQuads Starter Kit Quad to your Transmitter with this handy multiprotocol module.

No need to buy a new radio for every quad, just insert this tiny module into the back of your Transmitter, configure a new profile and start flying!

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– Supported Transmitters: Frsky X9D/X9D Plus/X12S, Taranis Q X7, Flysky TH9X,Turnigy 9XR/9XR PRO
– Range: Approx 100m
– Input Voltage: 6V – 13.5V
– Supported Modes: PPM with AETR configuration

KiwiQuads Starter Kit/Silverware Quad Binding:

  1. Power off Transmitter. Insert MTX9D module into the module slot of your Transmitter.
  2. Power on Transmitter. Configure a new profile for your quad using the ‘Internal-RF’ function.
  3. Set the profile output to AETR (Aileron, Elevation, Throttle, Rudder)
  4. Power Cycle Transmitter.
  5. Move the right stick to the Top Right position. (Elevation Up, Aileron Right)
  6. The quad is now bound to your Transmitter.
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