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Mini DC-DC Boost Step Up Converter 7W 2.6-5.5V to 5V Voltage Regulator Module

A step up voltage booster. Useful for powering electronics such as flight controllers when VBAT drops below operating voltage.


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  • DC DC Boost Converter Module working frequency 1MHZ.
  • Up to 93% Efficiency (usually is 84%-91%)
  • Quiescent current : 190uA.
  • Current Limit Program(0.5-2.5A,Default 1.8A)
  • Size : 21 x 11 x 4mm
  • Weight : 1.5g
  • Protection :
  • Over current protection(OCP)
  • Over voltage protection(OVP)
  • Short circuit protection(SCP)
  • Over temperature protection(OTP)

Output 5V :

  • Input voltage DC 2.6 ~ 4.5V,output DC 5V±3%
  • Maximum output : 5V/1300MA

Pin Description:

  • Vi       : Input positive(+)
  • GND  : Input and Output negative(GND/-)
  • Vo      : Output positive(+)


  • Battery powered equipment
  • Instrumentation, multimeter
  • Breadboard Stm32 LCD LED
  • Small power motors
  • PTZ Camera webcam
  • IP Camera
  • Toy car boat
  • Model aircraft
  • power bank
  • LED Motor
  • Solar power
  • WIFI Router
  • PLC RS485 devices
  • Lithium battery power supply equipment

 Attention :

This is a DC-DC voltage converter module, must be noted when using:
1. Input voltage can not be greater than the maximum input range
2. Output power can not be greater than the maximum load for a long time
3. Input power must be greater than the output power, because the power consumption of the module itself

Package Included:

1 x 7W Mini DC DC Boost Step Up Converter 2.6-5.5V to 5V


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