ImpulseRC Apex HD Quadcopter BNF w/ DJI HD FPV

The ImpulseRC Apex HD Quadcopter BNF w/ DJI Digital HD FPV System is the easiest and fastest way to get flying a 5″ Freestyle drone in true HD. Bring your own Batteries, Headset, and Radio Transmitter and you’re ready to fly!
Built, tested, and calibrated by Team KiwiQuads.

  • Complete ready to fly model built at our Auckland facility
  • Fully configured by our drone technicians prior to shipping
  • Beautiful true HD Digital DJI FPV
  • Future-proofed electronics up to 6S capable

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EMAX ECO Series 2306 Brushless Drone Motors × 4

EMAX's ECO series focuses on quality, affordable motors that are lightweight but still remain durable. They are lightweight due to their new bell design and still very durable due to the new larger 9mm bearing.

Gemfan Hurricane 51466 Propellers (7 Colours) × 2

Gemfan’s new Hurricane 51466 propellers are designed for high speed flying with super efficiency.


TBS Crossfire Receiver Nano – optional

If you're not using the DJI Radio Controller, add TBS Crossfire long-range functionality with the Crossfire Nano receiver.

In Stock at KiwiQuads


FrSky R-XSR D16 Receiver – optional

If you're not using the DJI Radio Controller, add FrSky D16 functionality with the FrSky R-XSR Receiver.

In Stock at KiwiQuads


In Stock at KiwiQuads


This is the ImpulseRC Apex HD BNF Freestyle Quadcopter DJI Digital FPV BNF. A fully built, tested, and calibrated ready to fly drone model! Get ready for an incredible FPV experience. This model features premium, high quality components from renowned companies such as Emax, DJI, TBS, and Diatone.

Each KiwiQuads RTF Drone model is hand-built by our team of technicians over 7 hours, which includes being tested, flown and tuned to give you the best experience right from the first flight.

Whether you don’t have the time to build, or just aren’t comfortable fiddling with wires and components, we’ll take care of the technical parts so you can just enjoy flying.

This BNF model features the amazing new DJI Digital HD FPV System. This system makes flying FPV truly breathtaking. With the 720p video shown at 120fps through the goggles, DJI has set the bar at a new high for clarity and image quality in an FPV system.

About the ImpulseRC Apex HD Frame

The DJI HD Apex is a variant of the base frame which perfectly houses and protects the DJI Air Unit. By changing only the top and upper main plates of the Apex it becomes the perfect platform for anyone wanting to experience an HD video feed.

About the DJI HD FPV System

The new DJI FPV System is designed by using DJI’s experience in creating aerial and ground transmission systems that offer technology that is truly unique to the market. These systems aim to bring smooth HD video, low latency and long-range transmission to the world of drone racing. The DJI FPV systems is an essential tool for FPV pilots that are looking for the ultimate best in drone racing technology.


  • BNF fully built and test flown by our technicians at our Auckland facility.
  • Maximum range of approximately 4km
  • Maximum speed of approximately 160km/h
  • Pre-tuned with butter-smooth cinematic flying settings
  • Easy arm swaps – swap arms by removing only 2 screws without touching your stack!
  • Equipped with an advanced and future proof Diatone F405 Flight Controller
  • Fly in style in your choice of colour
  • Shock absorbant motor protectors on the end of the arms to protect the motors in a crash
  • DJI Digital HD FPV Video System
  • Future proof with compatibility up to 6S (motor swap required)

Full List of Included Parts

Recommended Additional Parts

Additional information


Drone Battery Rating

, ,

Drone Size

EMAX ECO Series 2306 Brushless Drone Motors


KV Rating

1700Kv (Best for 6S), 1900Kv, 2400Kv (Best for 4S)

Motor Size

Gemfan Hurricane 51466 Propellers (7 Colours)



, , , , , ,

Propeller Size

Shaft Size

Blade Count

POPO Compatible

TBS Crossfire Receiver Nano



FrSky R-XSR D16 Receiver




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