F3 OSD Flight Controller – Starter Kit Upgrade

Upgrade your KiwiQuad Starter Kit to an F3 OSD processor to use a hobby-grade radio transmitter and customise your flying options. With Betaflight software preinstalled, you’ll have instant access to tune your quad to your heart’s desire. The customisable integrated On Screen Display (OSD) allows you to view statistics such as battery charge, direction, and flight time right through your FPV Headset.

Available in two radio protocols: FrSky and FlySky.


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The F3 OSD Flight Controller upgrade is our most popular component upgrade for the Drone Racing Starter Kit. An F3 processor is considerably more powerful than the stock board allowing a smoother flying experience through the preinstalled Betaflight software.

Top Features:

– Customisable speed rates,  flight modes, and PID settings
– Configurable On Screen Display
– Filter settings


– Betaflight Target: BETAFLIGHTF3
– CPU: STM32F303CCT6
– Protocol: Frsky D8, FlySky (please select when ordering)
– Weight: 9.3g


Changing out your KiwiQuad Flight Controller is very simple.
1. Remove 2x screws securing canopy.
2. Remove canopy and 2x remaining screws on flight controller stack.
3. Unplug motors from flight controller board.
4. Remove flight controller stack from frame, take care with rubber dampers.
5. Insert new flight controller stack, secure against rubber dampers.
6. Secure 2x screws at front and rear of flight controller.
7. Replace canopy and secure 2x screws on each side.
8. Plug in motors, take care plugging in each motor to the correct socket.
9. Insert battery and bind with Transmitter.

To get started with Betaflight, check out this great video:

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As always, if you require any additional support please contact us.

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