Electrolube Flux Pen 12mL

A flux pen is a must have when performing any kind of solder work. The flux is the substance that prevents beading of the solder and helps the solder flow cleanly onto the parts you are soldering.


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SMFL is a quick drying, mildly activated (RMA-type), no-clean flux in pen form for use when removing and replacing surface mount components. The pen is fitted with a wide angle actuator to give a protective film. Particularly recommended for precision products e.g. flight controllers and ESC boards where a high degree of reliability is required.


  • Zero halide content; no cleaning of residues is required
  • Passes copper plate and copper mirror corrosion (residue) test
  • For use with hot air, hot gas or conventional soldering techniques; excellent solderability

Directions For Use

  • Application of flux to solder joints will aid reflow when heating to remove components.
  • After removing components excess solder should be removed from solder pads using Electrolube Desolder Braid aided by the application of flux.
  • Flux should be applied to solder pads for placement of new components, with hot air or hot gas, or using conventional solder and iron.
  • Flux can also be used as an anti-tarnish, protective film on bare copper or tinned tracks providing excellent solderability for up to six months.


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