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DJI FPV Goggles Fitment Wedges

These 3D printed shims for your DJI Goggles eliminate the light leak from the sides of the goggles completely. They also greatly improve the comfort and fit too by allowing more of the face shield to contact your face.


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Get rid of 95% of the light leak across the top & sides of your DJI FPV Goggles with these 3D printed shims designed Kwboost.

Instructions (provided by Protonus)

1.) Remove the stock velcro goggle foam carefully.

2.) Peel back the stock velcro on the sides of the goggles themselves. You can leave the middle pieces attached as the shims only go on the sides – hold the shims to the goggles and you can see exactly what pieces you need to remove. Peel from a corner slowly, and try not to touch the adhesive itself, we’re going to re-use it. Lay out the pieces on a table in the same way you took them off, so you can put them back on the same spots. I would do one side at a time for this reason too.

3.) Clean the area where the velcro was, with isopropyl alcohol, to ensure a nice clean surface. Do the same to both sides of the shims!

4.) On the flat of the shims apply a strip of double-sided adhesive foam tape (eg. 3M VHB), from edge to edge. I used black VHB to match. VHB is ideal here, because it stretches, and as you stretch it, the width decreases. So as you apply it to the shim, when you get to a skinnier width section, just pull and stretch the VHB to match the width exactly. This way you can use just one piece of 1/2″ width VHB on each side and it will fit perfectly as you stretch it as needed. To smooth out the VHB, press on it with silicone or wax paper – try not to use your fingers as to not get oils on the adhesive. VHB also is much stickier than normal double sided foam tape, and the adhesive peels off nicer.

5.) The shims are left / right specific. Look at the “notch” on them and line them up with the correct side of the goggles. They are an excellent fit so line them up with the goggles perfectly and then press them into place to adhere the VHB.

6.) Now take the stock velcro, and apply it on the top of the shims, press it into place firmly.

7.) OPTIONAL: If you want to eliminate the light leak around your nose area, take several pieces of double sided velcro strap (hook on one side, loop on the other) and make a “stack” of velcro like you see in my pic, to put the goggle foam closer to your nose. NOTE: I ended up removing this on mine, because I actually LIKE the light leak around my nose, because it lets me look down at my radio and see the telemetry there that I’m missing in my goggles!

8.) Lastly, just press the stock goggle foam back onto the velcro. Try and get the outer edge to go over the side of the shim slightly for a nice look and fit!

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