Beginner Quad Extra Battery 200mAh Capacity

This extra battery is the perfect companion for your 65mm Beginner Quad kit. Fly longer and fly often when you don’t have to wait for batteries to finish charging.

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  • Quick recharge time – approximately 30 minutes
  • JST 2.0 plug for wide capability
  • Perfect fit for 65mm Beginner Quad


  • 200mAh capacity
  • Maximum charge voltage 4.2V
  • Nominal charge voltage 3.7V
  • Size: 15mm x 24mm x 8mm
  • Plug type: JST 2.0
  • Plug wire length: 24mm


  1. Never leave batteries charging unsupervised.
  2. Always use KiwiQuads brand chargers. If you’re unsure, contact us!
  3. Always safely dispose of ‘puffed’ batteries. Do not force fit into the drone battery compartment.
  4. Do not submerge drone of drone batteries in water.
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