260mAh HV Racing Edition Battery


260mAh HV Racing Edition Battery

The KiwiQuads 260mAh HV battery packs an incredible punch. We tested countless battery prototypes before settling on these powerful packs. We call them Racing Edition because we designed them for drone racing – we use these ourselves and couldn’t be happier.

Featuring a 30C discharge rating with a 60C burst rating, they have no problem providing full power to feed your hungry motors. We recommend charging them at 0.6A and no higher than 0.8A.

Check out our great Battery Voltage Tool to easily check the charge of these batteries.


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The KiwiQuads HV Racing Edition Batteries come in 3 convenient combo packs, or purchase them seperately.


-1x KiwiQuads Racing Edition 260mAh Battery


-Weight: 6.7g
-Capacity: 260mAh
-Discharge rating: 30C continuous, 60C burst
-Plug type: JST 2.0
-Dimensions: 56mm x 11mm x 6mm
-Nominal voltage: 3.8V
-Charge voltage: 4.35V

Warning: Always charge lithium batteries under supervision, with correct charging equipment. Misuse may result in injury or fire. Do not charge at more than 3C rating. Do not submerge in water. Discard immediately if battery become puffed or is damaged.

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