AC/DC Power Supply 12v 6A (2.5mm Barrel)

AC to DC 12v 5A power supply adapter with a 2.5mm barrel. Useful for powering battery chargers, soldering irons, and other devices.


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This 12v 6A power adapter will plug straight into your wall and convert the AC power to DC 12v. Great for powering your LiPo battery chargers, FPV monitors or video receivers where you have access to AC power outlets. It connects with a standard barrel connector that will fit most plugs.

The connector for this power supply adapter is standard for any device which matches these power specifications (12 Volt max 6A).


  • 12v 6A  power with 3 prong NZ outlet plug
  • Output Power: 72W
  • Barrel Connector Size: 5.5mm (Outside barrel) x 2.5mm (Inside Barrel)
  • Center: Positive


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