7x16mm Motors 19,000KV


7x16mm Motors 19,000KV


Want more power? These motors have got it! They put out more torque than our regular 17,500KV motors at the cost of some battery life. If you want to experience true speed, these are the brushed motors you need. Due to being extra powerful, they do produce a little more heat, so we recommend letting them cool before ripping your next pack.

These motors come in a set of 4 as we recommend replacing them together for the best experience. If you need to replace a single motor please contact us and we will happily assist you.

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These motors are 7mm diameter by 16mm height with a standard 0.8mm shaft diameter.

All of our propellers will fit on these motors. They have perfectly sized wires with micro-jst plugs to quickly swap in. Replacing quad motors has never been easier. For replacement instructions consult your KiwiQuad instruction manual.


Weight: 3.3g

Speed: 19,000KV

Size: 7x16mm

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