KiwiQuads 65X MRL Edition


KiwiQuads 65X MRL Edition


The KiwiQuads 65X MRL Edition is the first brushless quad to join the KiwiQuads family. We’re excited to bring you more power, more speed, and more features than ever before in the same compact KiwiQuads size. We’ve included all your favourite micro quad features such as VTX Smart Audio, F4 Processor, and OSD.

This quad is specifically customised for the Micro Racing League indoor class competitions. This inclusive starter pack includes all the essentials you need to to get started with the MRL indoor class.

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Note: This is a ‘bind-and-fly’ quad, which means you must have a FrSky compatible Transmitter to use this quad. This quad does not include an FPV headset.

If you’ve played with our brushed quads and are looking for something even mightier, this quad is for you. You’ll be able to fly full acro style racing in any setting with brushless motors. A tighter throttle response means you’ll have more control during flips, rolls, and dives.

Compatible with KiwiQuads Accessories

The 65X features our standard size propellers and canopy. You’ll be able to easily swap the propellers with our range of 2-blade and 3-blade propellers for extra control over your flight.
It houses our new 300mAh batteries (included) and is compatible with our 260mAh Racing Edition batteries.

FrSky Taranis Compatible

The KiwiQuads 65X features an integrated FrSky receiver chip. Bring your own controller for absolute control over your KiwiQuad. 

Feature Packed

– 0802 12000KV Brushless Motors
– FrSky XM Receiver
– 0/25/200mW VTX with TBS Smart-audio
– Betaflight pre-installed and tuned
– Night flight LEDs
– HID capable controller for PC Simulators
– On Screen Display
– Turtle Mode (Flip over after crashes)
– 2xLiHV batteries
– BLHeliSuite ESCs


– KiwiQuad 65X MRL Edition
– 4 x 300mAh XL Edition Batteries
– USB Charger
– Spare Set of Propellers
– Propeller Removal Tool


– 65mm Class quad
– 0/25/200mW VTX with TBS Smart-Audio
– Betaflight Target: OMNIBUSF4SD  
– Connector: JST-PH 2.0 x2
– Current: Max 15A per motor
– CPU: STM32F405
– Receiver: FrSky
– BLHeliSuite ESCs
– 1.0mm shaft motors

Binding Procedure:

  1. Power on the KiwiQuad by either USB connection or Battery.
  2. Observe the flashing green LED on the bottom of the flight controller board.
  3. Hold the button labelled ‘Bind’ for 3 seconds. The green LED will become solid.
  4. Your KiwiQuad is now in binding mode. 
  5. Power on your radio transmitter and set the bind mode to D16 and enter bind state.
  6. The green LED on the flight controller will flash slowly. This indicates a successful bind.
  7. Exit the bind status of your transmitter. The green LED will now stay solid. 
  8. Bind complete. Enjoy your flight!

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