3D Printed iFlight 25° ReelSteady Mount w/ ND Filter for Hero 5/6/7

Mount your GoPro Hero 5/6/7 and an ND Filter to most iFlight frames with this ReelSteady compatible and weight-saving design.


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Mount your GoPro Hero 5/6/7 and an ND Filter to most iFlight frames with this premium low profile weight-saving design.

The slot at the top allows for an ND filter to sit perfectly in front of the lens. We recommend the TBS ND filters!

The mount fits a GoPro Hero firmly and screws down into the front of the top plate on the frame.

Compatible iFlight Frames

  • XL Series including XL5, XL6, XL7, XL8, XL10
  • DC Series including DC5, DC7
  • SL Series including Cidora SL5
  • Nazgul Series

What is a ReelSteady compatible mount?

ReelSteady stabilisation software allows you to stabilise your shots to create incredibly smooth footage. To do this, it uses the data from the gyrometer built into the GoPro Hero camera. For this reason, it’s important to have an extra soft mounting design which heavily reduces vibrations brought on by the motors and drone movement. You will notice in this design, it has thin legs which allow the mount to bounce smoothly instead of passing on the vibrations through to your camera’s gyro.

Aren’t those mounts a little thin?

Yes, but not to worry! We use durable and high quality SainSmart TPU for all our 3D printing. Our mounts are very strong and can take a decent beating. We can’t promise it won’t break in a bad crash, but there’s an extremely low chance that all 4 mounts will break at once.

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GoPro Compatibility

Hero 5/6/7


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