300mAh XL Edition Battery – Set of 8

Our best value battery combo. 8 batteries will keep you flying for an extra 30+ minutes!

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This product has been discontinued.


This value pack of 8 KiwiQuads XL Edition Batteries will keep you going for unlimited flying with continuous charging.

We always take an 8 battery pack out to the field with us when flying. Combined with the KiwiQuads Charger Pro, you will always have charged batteries with a continuous charging cycle. Just put them on charge as soon as you land and they’ll be finished charging before you’ll ever run out!


-8x KiwiQuads XL Edition 300mAh batteries


-Weight: 7.5g
-Capacity: 300mAh
-Discharge rating: 30C continuous, 60C burst
-Plug type: JST 2.0
-Dimensions:57mm x 11mm x 6mm
-Nominal voltage: 3.8V
-Charge voltage: 4.35V

Warning: Always charge lithium batteries under supervision, with correct charging equipment. Misuse may result in injury or fire. Do not charge at more than 3C rating. Do not submerge in water. Discard immediately if battery become puffed or is damaged.

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