Learning to fly FPV takes practice. These lessons will take you through step-by-step to introduce you to the basic controls. Remember to cut the throttle if you lose control during an exercise. You may need to repeat some of the lessons until you are confident to begin the next lesson.

The FPV Headset is not required until instructed. 

Lesson 1: Hovering

This first lesson will introduce you to the throttle control and allow you to hover the drone.

1. Mark off an area of at least 1m x 1m to fly in. Your aim is to stay within this area.

2. Slowly increase your throttle control until the drone ‘jumps’ on the ground to get a feel for the throttle range. 

3. Practice hovering around 50cm off the ground and make minor adjustments to the pitch/roll to correct flight drift. Your aim is to maintain altitude for a few seconds. 

4. Consider landing and switching batteries when the blue/red LEDs begin to flash.

Lesson 2: Basic Movement

Lesson 2 will teach you how the pitch and roll controls work and how the drone will respond to these inputs.

1. Mark off an area of at least 1m x 1m to fly in.

2. Maintain a hover of at least 30cm off the ground.

3. Gently press the pitch control downwards. Watch how the drone moves forward. 

4. Experiment with pitching up and down, and rolling left and right. Try to maintain altitude while performing these movements.

5. Increase the amount of input you use when comfortable. The drone will move faster.

Lesson 3: Square Pattern

In this lesson, you will follow a square pattern while maintaining altitude. This will teach you to make adjustments and correct your paths.

1. Mark a square area on the ground at least 1m x 1m. Ensure there is sufficient space surrounding the marked area.

2. Begin hovering at the perimeter of the marked square.

3. Follow the marked square from corner to corner, making any corrections to your path as needed.

4. When confident, try using the yaw control to rotate the drone at each corner. The change of perspective can be challenging at first, this will become easier when using the FPV Headset.

Lesson 4: FPV

Now you know the basics, it’s time to try FPV! It is recommended that you start at Lesson 1 with the FPV Headset on to get a feel for the controls while in first person.

1. Set up your drone in an open area before putting on your FPV Headset.

2. Turn on the FPV Headset and check for a video link. At close range, the picture should be free from distortion and break-up. See page 7-8 in the instruction manual for FPV Headset operation.

3. Complete lessons 1-3 in FPV.

4. Fly around a larger open area now, practice changing altitudes and some tight manoeuvres.

Lesson 5: Flips

Let’s try some tricks. Ensure your battery has sufficient charge to begin. You can flip in any direction while flying. Once you’re confident with the flip button you can try manual flips in acro mode.

1. Fly around and find some room at least 1 metre from the ground. 

2. Press the right shoulder button on your controller.

3. Move the right stick in the direction you want to perform the flip. Your KiwiQuad will quickly perform a flip and recover.

4. You may need to apply some throttle after the flip to regain height. This will come naturally with more experience.


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