Drone Racing Recommendations

What is FPV Drone Racing?

FPV Drone Racing (First Person View) is racing quadcopters (drones) together around a predetermined circuit. A head mounted display is video linked to the camera in the quadcopter so you have a live video feed of the quadcopter movements. Normally, each pilot will take off at the same time in the same place and race to reach the finish first or complete laps the fastest.

Points are usually then awarded based on finishing position. Often, points are also awarded for how many laps were/were not completed.


It is important to ensure any FPV drones flying together are operating on different frequencies. This is because the radio waves from each drone interfere with each other and cannot be separated at the receiving end (FPV goggles). Fortunately, changing frequencies on KiwiQuads is easy! First, the canopy must be removed using the included screwdriver. While ensuring the quad is powered on, press the white button on the camera module. You will notice the LEDs on the camera module will jump to the next sequence. Consult your KiwiQuad instruction manual for detailed instructions.

Having different video channels is a vital part of a drone racing event. The chart below illustrates the different frequencies on each channel combination. Both a band and a channel must be selected which are used together to determine the frequency. You can select any of the 48 frequencies by changing both the band and frequency of the camera module.

Important! Band F is not supported on KiwiQuad FPV goggles. We recommend selecting any frequency through bands A-E.

When flying with more than one quadcopter, we recommend spacing the frequencies at least 40 (40MHz) apart.
For example, in a race with 4 quadcopters, frequencies could be distributed as follows:

  • Pilot 1: B4 (5645);
  • Pilot 2: B1 (5705);
  • Pilot 3: C4 (5805);
  • Pilot 4: B8 (5945).

Remember! It is important to change the frequency on the FPV goggles to match the quad camera module frequency.

Rules and Regulations

We have outlined some suggested rules for your races below. At any official events, KiwiQuads will act as the event organiser.

  • Frequencies: Prior to the event, the organisers should provide pilots with a list of distributed video channels. On race day, pilots should switch on their goggles and ensure that nobody else is using the same channel before switching on their quads.
  • Pilots must not interfere with any other pilot or their equipment.
  • The event organiser should be responsible for ensuring no person enters the race track during the event.
  • Pilots should not fly their aircraft close to any spectators or other pilots.
  • The event organiser should be responsible for designing the layout of the course, and propagating the course information to all participants.
  • Pilots are responsibly for the safety of their own equipment and LiPo batteries.

Have fun! We’d love to hear about your races, please contact us.

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